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Mein Gott!

It's just about the end of the year! What do I have to show for it? A bunch of movies watched that were, for the most part, pretty shitty, and a lot of books that were, for the most part, pretty amazing. This is why I generally trust books more than movies. At least with books, if you end up disappointed you don't think about the hundreds of millions of dollars wasted on it. Yes Indiana Jones, I was talking to you and your Crystal Skulls there.

So I figure I haven't done one of these "top whatevers" in a long time, and since the Instant Classic forum has yet to be up and running again I'll do it here.

Favorite Movies:

The Dark Knight

Of course, I mean really. This was epic. Knowing that Katie Holmes was gone was reason enough to go see it. My aunt was disappointed that there wasn't more topless Christian Bale, but every movie has a few shortcomings. I saw it twice, each with a different set of friends, and both times it was worth the money that I didn't(but would have) paid for my ticket. Not only was it a great action movie, it contained one of the best villains I've seen in a movie in a long time. I'm only a little sad that Heath wasn't able to see the reception to his spot on performance of The Joker.

Zack and Miri Make a Porno

And not just because it was filmed 40 minutes from my house, and not just because I know people that used to work with the girl who just takes off her dress on one swift motion. It was a more mature Kevin Smith. The love story was disgustingly cliche and cheesy at moments, but as it is Smith, I just assumed that was the way it was intended to me. I think that there could have been a better, funnier, female lead, but overall it was great. The best reason to go is to see the annoying Mac boy play a gay porn star. God, I was almost rolling on the sticky popcorn coated floor for that.

Burn After Reading

I'm a big Cohen Brothers fan, and this movie was no exception. An amazing cast to a weird quirky story. This came out a long time ago, so I don't necessarily remember specifics, but I just really loved it. I love Cohen Bros films because you can't always see just where they're going with anything. I was genuinely surprised during parts, and that's always refreshing. I should probably go out and buy that actually.

Honorable Mentions: WALL-E, Speed Racer (fuck you, I loved it), Cloverfield, Baby Mama, In Bruges, Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Quantum of Solace.


Now granted, these weren't all published this year(at least I don't think) but they were still totally worth reading. I tried to keep a list of all the books I read, but sometimes I forgot to write them down, and now I have no idea whether I did or not. Such is the wonder of a library. Also, most of these are of the horror genre. What can I say? My aunt has got connections with that community, and I get to read books I would otherwise have never heard of from a small british press.

Terror Island:A Novel by Rakie Keig:

Okay, this was published this year. This books was a great horror novel without being too horribly cliche or poorly written. I was so upset when it was over, and hope that she writes more. I think it's a she. It essentially the story of a small island off the coast of Norway that is a haven, or ancient home of sorts, for vampires, werewolves AND zombies. There's a small contingency of humans there researching. The vamps and lycans work together with the humans for the most part. Everything starts going to hell and a hand basket. It's really a rather compelling read. I had trouble putting it down. It sounds like it would be awful, but it's amazing.

Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Friend by Christopher Moore:

Hilarious. From start to finish. Just hilarious. It basically follows the story of Jesus of Nazareth during those years where nothing is written in the bible. Essentially from right after his birth until he's 35. He travels all across Asia and back, learns from the wise men and develops his gospel. I almost wish that I had read more of the bible, it probably would have been even funnier. It's also hilarious without being completely insulting. The ...delicate subject matter is handled beautifully. Really worth the read.

Coffin County by Gary A. Braunbeck:

This was written by a Pennsylvanian author and unlike that Tawni O'Dell person he wrote an amazing book. Just because it's in Oprah's book club doesn't make it a good book! Anyway, this is another book with biblical themes, although it's not really a biblical story. This is not a book for people that can't read about gore. It's some very flowing poetic gore, but gore just the same. Not a horror novel so much. Just kind of twisted. His prose is what got me. The way he writes just sucks you in within the first few paragraphs. This guy can really write. Really. The story has two immortal central characters. I can't really say too much more without ruining huge parts of the story, but I almost wish that I had paid more attention to Palm Sunday masses when I went to mass. There is a lot of interesting mass murder. Read it, really. If you're a snot and have doubts about the horror genre in general, this guy will make you change your mind.

I'm not doing honorable mentions. I'll just say, that if you like Stephen King, go read his son's collection of short stories, 20th Century Ghosts. He writes under his mother's name, so he's Joe Hill. Didn't want to be published just because he's King's son.

Well that was long winded. Apologies. If you haven't seen those movies, I hope, if you're a reader, that you check out one of those books. If you decide to comment, give me your tops. I always love having new stuff to read and watch.
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