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It's true, I'm really running.

Almost done with week one of my brand new running routine. It hasn't been too bad thus far, although I couldn't finish my last 2 minute running interval today. A mix of thinking about how badly I had to pee, not paying attention to my breathing and my shins hurting like whoa. I shall redeem myself on Sunday. And hopefully when I do redeem myself I'll have brand new shiny shoes that'll hopefully help. I'm told shoes are half the battle when it comes to running. We'll see.

I do feel a whole lot better already. I'm sleeping better. I'm not feeling fat and winded quite as often, and when I do, I regain my breath a lot sooner.

Christ, let's hope I stick with this one. I've gained almost 30 pounds since high school. My "insane never going to happen goal" is go get below 150 before I meet Lauren's mom in three weeks. That's about 15 pounds. It's maybe do-able, but I'm not doing a super strict diet or anything, so we'll see. I don't really eat that horribly to begin with. Sometimes just a little more cheese and meat that I should probably have. Ultimately hoping to meet my goal sometime during the summer. Fingers crossed.
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