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Running. How I loathe thee. Not really. It's just frustrating. I'm on week four, and the going is good with the intervals. I'm thinking that if my shin cooperates I'll be up to 5 minute run/1 minute walk intervals. Which is great for me. The only problem is now that I'm kind of getting a shin splint that could equal trouble for me if I don't start taking care of it better.

My new shoes helped a lot with my leg pain, and I've been reading up on where it has moved to (inside of the leg, kind of where the calf meets the shin) and their answer is ice it, do these stretches, take ibuprofen, and get yourself some arch support you flat footed bastard.

Also not really losing any weight yet, but I'm noticing physical differences, so I'm going to attempt to tweak my diet a bit and lift more weights in an attempt to get things jump started. I'm slightly disheartened, but know I have to stick with it blah blah blah.

Uncle Steve is coming up from Tennessee today to see Loretta Lynn at IUP tomorrow. I recently found out that that slutty queen had a threesome with a kid who graduated with my older sister! Kind of weird. For those of you who went to high school with me it was Brandon Nichol! And apparently he's, ugh, blessed. Haha. Oh my. More than anyone really wanted to know. My mom told me during a game of Scrabble after Easter dinner. Leave it to my family. For reals.
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