Kait (murabaka) wrote,

It's a boy!

Earlier in the week Emily decided to break family tradition and found out the sex of her baby.

It's a boy!

I need to go to Jo anne's and buy some yarn to knit booties and little hats. I'm so excited that it's a fall baby, because fall and winter babies are superior, and it has made me want to knit again. Haha. Oh selfish reasons, how I love thee.

I guess she and Walter (the daddy to be, duh) have decided to name him Solace. That is pronounced so-la-C. They said after an Ethopian emperor, so that makes him named after Haile Sellassie. Isn't that the guy who started Rastafarianism? Yeah. Weird. I'll call him Sol cause I'm a huge dago.

So excited to be an aunt. Can't get over it!

A little more than a month till I'm down in the 'burgh seeing Hank III!! Excitement!
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