Kait (murabaka) wrote,

The mind says yes, the body says no.

Ugh. Work at 6 am isn't exactly my cup of tea. At least I didn't have trouble waking up, and since I got my lunch packed and my clothes laid out last night, I didn't have to worry about that this morning.

Now I'm just trying to eat something. I want to, I know I need to. My tummy says it isn't having any of this strawberries and cream cream of wheat business. I've eaten about half. But now it's getting cold. Le sigh. I just keep reminding myself that the weekend start at 2:30 for me. This is a lot better than last weekend. I didn't really have a weekend. I worked til 9:30 Thursday night, and then not until 12:30 am Saturday morning. Then I worked overnight until 7 Sunday morning the next day. Shitty ass weekend because my supervisors are assholes and don't know how to do their jobs.

At least I have a bike now so I didn't have to start walking at 5:30. That would have sucked beyond sucking.

2:30, here I come!
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