Kait (murabaka) wrote,

Fuck You.

So I might have to move home in the next month or so. It's not me. I can pay my bills and still be able to afford food and a few luxuries like internets and going out. My roommate however, is a fucking douche bag.

I'll probably pull a Margaret Cho and send him one in the mail.

This kid isn't in school, in fact, he's failed every semester he's ever went. Even online courses because he thought he could take all of the quizzes and everything in the last week. Yes, he's literally that stupid. Oh, and did I mention he was almost a felon? He hired a lawyer and the felonies got dropped. Did I mention that all he could say during this was that "it was a legal firework," never admitting that you know, throwing one out of a window might be wrong. He refuses to admit he did anything wrong.

Here's the real big skinny on this kid. He had two jobs last summer, lost one of them last fall after school started. He didn't want to get a new one because it would interfere with his partying schedule, even though he knew he needed to in order to be able to pay bills and have extra money around. He had a job at Subway for about two weeks and then lost it because he says they put him on the schedule without notifying him. He got a no call no show and was suspended unless he could come up with a doctor's excuse after the fact.

So all summer he's been putting off anything, saying no where in town is hiring because school's out. Which I am inclined not to believe. You can always find some shit job if you look for it. I also handed him a job at the bank on a silver platter and he didn't take it, thinking he might actually have to be an adult for 20 to 30 hours a week. This kid is a waste of life, and when he came up saying his mom offered to let him move home I let him know about it. I told him he was in this shit because he refused to get a job when he still could have gotten one and because he wouldn't grow up. All he has to say for himself is that "well, you might be right" in this patronizing way as if he thinks I'm the one with the problem.

So now I'm mostly fucked. I could probably afford to live here alone, but what do I need two bedrooms for? And it would make my money situation really tight, which is not what I want when I'm trying to save to be able to move to State College with Lauren. I have three people I could ask to move in with me, and one of them just found an apartment, the other I don't know if he could or would want to this fast, and the third I don't really think could afford it and I don't want to put him in that position.

I already talked to my mom about it, and she said of course I could move home. It sucks. I don't want to. But essentially it's move home or get evicted, which leads to moving home anyway. Ian said he'd try to stay if I couldn't find another roommate, but he's already late on his rent for August. So he'd end up getting me evicted anyway. I just hope that I don't get monetarily penalized for this since we'd be breaking the lease. He is fucking up my life, and he doesn't think he's done anything wrong in the past year. I wish I could just kick the shit out of him. I really really do.
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