Kait (murabaka) wrote,

I'm never good at coming up with subjects....

Well I'm officially back in my apartment. I hadn't really left, I just spent most of my time with the lady. Her apartment was more spacious, actually had living room furniture and more cable channels. Unfortunately she is all graduated and gone from Indiana for good. Luckily she'll be going to Penn State in the fall, and that's not too far away. I'm hoping to have the goods to move out there in the next year. The hardest part will just be finding a job where I'm making close to/as much/little more than I am now. It's not as if I'm rolling in the dough, but I would like to not have to sell my soul by working retail again. Who knows, maybe I'll get my shit together enough to start my undergrad up again while she finishes getting the right to put Dr. in front of her name.

I haven't done long distance for an extended period of time for a long time. Strangely though, I'm not worried at all.

Maybe I have actually grown up. Scary thoughts.

Ugh, my running got derailed by some hardcore shin splints. I would wake up limping because they would hurt just from walking or standing still. They're all better now, I've bought insoles that will give me more arch support and Lauren sold me her bicycle. So I've got the option of the two. I told her I'm going to try to lose 15 lbs before she comes up for my 4 day mini vacation. That gives me 31 days. It won't happen, but it'll be interesting to see how far I can get.

Let's go.
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